All These Studs


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Jan 6, 2020
Where are they? All of them can't be hurt, If it was me like a lotta good Coaches, if ya didn't do your job and play good then ya ass would be ridin the bench till ya made ya mind up, We need to get these 2nd and 3rd stringers and Freshman alternating with the Studs, Look at Tech, a buncha 2 Stars handing our ass to us, They look good on all the sports write up with clips of their HS exploits and stuff, but then fail at the University level, using the same players all game long and maybe throwing a new guy out not doing it, I gotta feeling that there is a lotta potential in these young guys who haven't played, If they are not learning after 4 games get rid of them, This is a simple game, its just Pass, Run, Block, Kick.. How hard is that unless ya don't have a good teacher, as far as QB, I like Sam, but if he goes down, we just can't keep on this way, training a new QB after Sam leaves when he should be getting Reps now. I hate the Star system cause its just not fair to ALL of the players trying to get a look in HS, but, then again thats why I am not Coaching the Texas Longhorns....
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