Basketball is Fun!


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Jan 5, 2007
Just not at Texas!

I wonder where all these 4 Star players come from at K-State? Barnes must have something on somebody high up the pole in order not to have gotten fired... Hell, they having more fun in a one horse town of Manhattan than we are in Austin and Windex won't cure it! Our last AD musta been BS'ed by promisies by Barnes..or the AD job is a magnet for F-up's!

At any rate, just looking back at some of the threads some of ya made last season and before this season, we got some studs alright and "Shooter"! If every other College besides us wanted these player's than we shoulda passed on them! and a far as Barnes, I gotta admit he ain't the best, but then to play ya gotta have some good players, not a buncha bums that won't play up to their talent level that they supposed to have when they committed to Texas! Looks like Football wasn't the only thing that went down in the last 5 yrs also, I can't recall the AD's name, can someone tell me?


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Dec 27, 2008
Barnes couldn't make it out the 2 round with the best player on the planet on his team.

Barnes was on his way out, he was coaching for his job last year and took a team with less talent and less experience and surprised everyone with a tourney birth.

Saved his job and now we see the same old Barnes. Underachieving with a team I can bet you a Bill Self or a Billy Donovan or Coach K or Calipari would have well inside the top 10.