How the conferences shook out in the NY6

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    As usual the Pac XII sucks WA and it doesn't look good for the huskies cause they pay tOSU.

    The ACC only has Clemson and even though the tigers made the playoffs a loss to the Golden Domers will make it a disappointing season for the ACC

    The little ten will miss the playoffs fur the second straight season. And the icing on the cake is that only two of their teams are in the NY6. Remember in the summer when the while ZS story went down and UM said he had amnesia? Well if Urban has a case of amnesia during the game who knows what might happen.

    For only the second time the Big XII has a team in the playoffs and in an NY6 bowl. More about these teams later.

    The SEC has the most teams in the playoffs big surprise. I was surprised about FL but now that I think of it They did what was required.

    So to break it down
    4 undefeated teams
    2 one loss teams
    2 two loss teams
    3 three loss teams
    1 four loss team

    Different setup this year be fun to watch how this plays out.

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