O.T. How Clob saved the Presidency


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Jan 2, 2013
It is now apparent to those of us on this board that we have privileged information that is being closely guarded by High Govt Agencies. Had we not been followers of this board we would be as ignorant as the rest of the World.

Clob's unusual blood work has been studied at the highest levels. When all the results were in it was indeed discovered that Clob's inhaler is the answer to Covid-19. It has now been widely reported that Trump has been given massive doses of steroids which have led to his speedy recovery.

Of course they are continuing the subterfuge by saying that Trump got massive doses of anti bodies and barely mentioning the steroids, but we on OB know the truth!

Once again babblings of these non sensical threads have advanced mankind.

Well done Clob.


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Oct 31, 2010
Whats with you jumping from Albuterol sulfate and hand grenades to dicks all of a sudden?
You know, as we get older our stories start about a person then morphs into our favorite recipe before ending on the proper fishing knot to truly walk the dog.

It takes 9 years to grow a pawpaw fruit.....what were we talking about...?
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