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Discussion in 'Longhorn Sports' started by 2300 Nueces, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Wanted to include this but the thread got locked. This in not political. There is no political solution to world poverty.

    Ok, the big picture.

    We have a world which has exploded in population with advances in technology, specifically in medicine. Most people outside the developed world live in GRINDING poverty. It's horrible. I have been on mission trips with my Church. It's bad. They have no way out. This vidoe illustrates our predicatment. Bringing people here won't solve the problem of worldwide poverty.

    Our foreign aid does little to help most impoverished peoples. It goes straight to the current dictatorial strongman running each respective country. The strongman trickles out aid to just avoid famine and keep the population under control.

    Impoverished peoples need freedom to learn and develop their own countries free from dictatorial control. Some things that would help:

    1 Abandon the fractional reserve banking system and get rid of central banking debt currencies. DO NOT allow systems of usury to be established.

    2. Keep the internet free from centralized control. Allow people to freely access information cheaply so that they can establish free markets.

    3. Put boots on the ground free from dictatorial demands so that people in free economies can assist in the education process abroad.

    4. Allow countries to establish constitutions which promote free trade and limit centralized taxation/regulation which stifles competition and keeps people enslaved.


    There are also many secular charities that help with the education of children in impoverished nations.
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    There has been enough said on this topic. Let's move on.
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