Props for a great effort


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Sep 21, 2002
It sure if I want to call that a great game or not. It was tense, and really could have gone either way. It just seemed the winner was going to be the team that didn’t poop on themselves. The most. BOTH teams are just shooting themselves in the foot on all three phases of the game. I think Texas just had one more bullet than we did. Both teams unloaded their gun on themselves, and had to re-load.

Man. Ehlinger is so gritty. He’s a freaking gamer. I really respect his fight. Unfortunately, that fight leads people to believe he’s better than he really is. He’s a good college QB with a remarkable skill set. He’s deadly on 3rd and short, or from inside the five. He’s a decent to good passer, but he’s not going to beat many teams with his arm. But what he will beat you with is his intangibles. OU was up 31-17 with five minutes to go in the game, with the ball after an interception in the end zone. That should have been an easy win. Ehlinger is the reason you guys came back at the end. He does not quit. He may be one of my favorite Texas players ever.

The rest of Texas and we collaboratively need to find a wayto get elite defensive talent to this conference. Especially on the DLine. Ossai’s one, but we both need more elite level kids.

I’m 100% perplexed how both teams consistently do dumb things. Pass interference, personal fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct....just serious mental lapses. I expect more from both coaching staffs.

Here’s to seeing each other in the CCG.


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Aug 25, 2014
Thx Micco. You’ve always been a good dude.

no chance in hell these selfish, entitled, mentally weak cancers have the wits or guts to get to the CCG. There are a small handful that care. The rest have already moved on mentally.
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