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Discussion in 'Longhorn Sports' started by outhereincali, Oct 14, 2018.

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    I remember a few years ago when LSU won the national championship with two losses. That was a year where in Nov the top 5 kept changing every week because somebody lost. I'm seeing this again this year. Last week it was what 2 or 3 top ten teams lost. Now today 4 teams lost.

    And do you know who benefits the most from this? Our Texas Longhorns that's who. We open the season and lost to Maryland again. But we've won 6 in a row and guess what tomorrow we'll be ranked 6th. That's right 6th. The top 4 will be Bama, a**holeU, Clemson and the Golden Domers. Btw they almost became the 5th team to lose today. LSU will come in as the highest ranked 1 loss team and rightfully so than comes the Horns. Did you imagine this after the MD game I didn't.

    And LSU is for real. That win was no fluke the tiigers are a much better team than the dogs this year. I give them a real chance of beating Bama in Baton Rouge next month.

    Of the top 4 teams right now who's the most likely to run the table? The Golden Domers aren't going to make it. Neither will Clemson. No the team that will go unscathed is a**holeU. I think every college fb fan who doesn't live in Ohio feels the way I do about them. And Urban Meyer is the head a**hole in charge. But give the devil his due he's an outstanding coach. He replaces a qb who started for 4 years without missing a beat.

    Halfway thru the season and its already a certainty the Pac XII won't make the playoffs again. You know they're the exact opposite of the Big XII. They have some solid defenses but Justin Herbert is the only top notch qb.

    And while all this is going on the Texas "winning ugly" Longhorns are sailing along.

    Halfway through and this is shaping up to be a crazy season. And it's only going to get crazier


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