The SEC as I see it

Discussion in 'Longhorn Sports' started by outhereincali, Aug 1, 2018.

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    May 30, 2015
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    Everything seems to go their way. Last year they have a losing record in bowl season. But wouldn't you know it GA and Bama win their biggest bowl games and for the second time in 7 years we have an all SEC title game.

    FL and LSU are finding out that its hard to find a coach like Urban or Saban.

    The MS schools give me a break

    I hope the couch burners beat TN's as* on opening weekend.

    Imo, Auburn is overrated. If the Big XII is so bad and the SEC is so good why did OK put a beat down on Auburn 2 years ago? Why did Central Florida beat them last year? I predict they will lose at least three games this year.

    No once again it will be GA or Bama in the playoffs. GA will have an easier road to the playoffs the SEC east is not that strong. However does it really matter in Bama's case? Five NC's in 9 years and barely missing out on winning 3 more. Imo if Saban wins 1 more than it will be the greatest dynasty in college fb history.

    As usual Bama will be in the playoffs. Not sure about GA.
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    I still can't believe LSU hired Orgeron.

    I will go out on a limb, but, Saban is at the point where his key coaches are getting cherry picked here and there. He doesn't have the continuity that he enjoyed so many years with Kirby Smart. Devoting time to teach new coaches which in turn teach new players his system and also having time for his usual oversight duties may have a slow draining effect. The big picture stuff is easy to implement, but, there is no substitute for time in learning all of Saban's nuances. I know this was a big deal for Belichik when he hired Matt Patricia. We don't know the cream of this year's teams yet, but, if we have a decent crop, bama may not be able to add to the dynasty. Just a thought.

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