Update on ZEKE my Boxer pup

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    So I posted this on February 5th of this year in Ketch’s 10 thoughts from the weekend.

    My boxer I got in 2001 saw the signing of Vince Young, a couple big 12 championship,and a national championship. He died of a brain tumor in the middle of 2009 championship game since then the Horns have been very average. I just got Zeke my new boxer January 5 2018 I’m ready for 10 years of big time wins.[/QUOTE]

    Just wanted to give an update, it’s bad news, hopefully some good news. A couple months ago I noticed he seemed to get tired and wasn’t keeping up with the other dogs while running at dog park. He had really been growing and thought he was finally putting on weight, but as I looked at him it just didn’t look right. His belly was getting really big but, felt like a water ballon. Took him to vet, they diagnosed him right away with a heart arrythmia and was surprised he wasn’t in full cardiac arrest. They said that still wasn’t the cause for the bloating and suggested a heart specialist. So I took him to AVES which is a wonderful veterinary clinic and heart specialist. They did a sonogram of his heart and it was really bad. I could tell by her face it wasn’t good as I held him still for the test. She did her best to try and hide it, then once it was over wrote the report then sat me down for the talk. There was five major issues including the arrhythmia he also had left and right ventricular and systolic dysfunction, severe bilateral enlargement and (right sided) congestive heart failur. She said he wouldn’t make it past his first birthday, but I should just let him play and live a normal life. He may drop dead of a heart attack at anytime while playing, but he could also have same attack just waking up. That was about 3 months ago and I can say he’s doing really good right now. All of the bloatness went away he’s very tall and lean. He’ll be nine month on August 26, he is the most active highest energy boxer I have had. He never stops wanting to play. I have to drag him from the dog park. He looks like he’s going to have a heart attack I have to give him ice to cool down but 30 min later he’s trying to play or wanting to go outside. More good news he loves his football always carries it and has great ball security. Won’t let no dog or person take it from him. Here’s to beating the odds, Zeke living longer then his first birthday And watching the LONGHORNS win the CFB National Championship and The COWBOYS winning the Super Bowl. HOOK EM and FEED THE ZEKE

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