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Jan 2, 2013
the Brennen center for Justice.....yep, that is a solid non biased source for news....One of its founding principles is to oppose voter I D laws....

How could I trust one thing they say?


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Aug 30, 2020
Cops defend other cops. Yes. It does happen. Therein lies the main problems with unionization. A large group protects a few knuckleheads. Remember when unions were supposed to help, not hinder, employees rights? Remember who warned you that unions would get out of control and abuse their power? I do. So do you. This is a byproduct of that warning going unheard.

As far as white supremacists recruiting into policing jobs being a fact-- mmmk-- if you say so. I don't doubt that somewhere out there in rural Mississippi there's a sheriff who's a real POS and he hires slackjawed white trash deputies to help "keep the darkies in line". I also know for a fact that there's Islamic extremists that are police and (were) working to recruit more of their kind into policing. And I'm no more intimidated by white trash cop than I am jihad cop.

But thats not what this is about.

This is about a misguided and misdirected show of "intimidation" to John Q Public. You say that some cops are the problem. I agree. Some are. But smashing in a Whatabuger window and burning down a Chick-fil-A while looting Nike tennis shoes from Footlocker and stealing a Samsung TV from Target isn't holding cops accountable. All it does is piss people off and turn them against your cause.

Look, for 400 hundred years the Romans openly killed Christians and others in the Colosseum. Either through fights are having them run from lions or whatever. You know, for entertainment. Tens of thousands were killed not just because of their skin color, but because they didn't pray to the sun God. It took 400 years to change things. You can't change people over night. You can't change police over night. And you certainly can't do it if you lose the support of the business owners in your community because you burned down their store, or took all their assets and now they are broke.

I'm white. I'm male. I'm part of the most hated group of Americans right now.

My family (all of them) came to this country in the 1890s and 1900s. They started off farming and ranching and then became oil workers. We owned no slaves. We hired no share croppers. My mother and father both were the first in their family to go to college. My father built a business. With his hands at first, then as it grew, he hired the best workers he could afford. White, black, latino-- he didnt care, so long as they could do their job well. I am a product of that household.

But now I'm being called a racist by people I don't even know.... my friends and family's businesses are under attack for no fault of their own. They are forced into a defensive posture because somewhere along the line, people were convinced that whitey got a free ride.

Who built the pyramids? The Egyptians didn't. Their slave labor did. Do you see Jewish folks walking around complaining about having a "history in the family of lower back problems" because they were forced to move heavy stones 5000 years ago?
There's no country on this planet where people get a fair shake. Not one. However, this country is BY FAR the closest you can get at actually having a fair chance to make something of yourself. Burning it down, especially burning down something that someone else built, isn't the way to accomplish what it is that you want to accomplish.

There is opportunity in this country for anyone that looks for it. On the other hand, act like a gangsta, expect to be treated like a gangsta.

Someone graduates "at the bottom of the class" in every single profession. Doctors, lawyers, government workers, store clerks, law enforcement. With unskilled doctors or lawyers, you get bad advice usually with adverse consequences. With the government worker who is riding it out for a pension, you get an unproductive worker. With a store clerk that believes they're too good to be working at Kohl's, you get poor customer service. Unfortunately, with the very few bad cops that do exist, you get the possibility of adverse outcomes. Everyone agrees that certain police acts have been shown to be excessive once all of the facts have been developed. But, unless the police "reforms" - I still don't know what those reforms are - that are being demanded by BLM include abolishing the police unions, there is no effective way of terminating those very few bad cops. It's ironic, however, that the Dems will never push to break those same unions that protect the few bad actors BLM complains about.

If I had an option, I'd give the Dem cities what they want . . . pull all of the hard-working LEOs out of those cities and see what happens. Have honest, hard-working citizens stop paying their taxes allocated to safety and welfare in those cities. Then, I'd watch those cities wither away into lawless anarchy. But, don't call the police because they won't be available. It's what the Dem mayors want after all. F those cities.

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Jan 9, 2012
I admit, I only read a very tiny bit of that article when I realized how much BS I was reading. All one has to do is look closely at who are running our cities, who are our district attorneys, who are teaching our children. All are a bunch of socialist (the new communist).

First rule of a coup don't talk about the coup.
Second rule of the coup, accuse the other side of a coup. That is all this I'm seeing in this article.

Remember this. The Bible says "By their fruits ye shall know them".

Has BLM done anything to improve the Black communities?
Have the Black communities under democrat control gotten better after 70 years of their rule?
Does anyone see right wing groups destroying our cities?

Again I say, by their fruits ye shall know them.

That article says, "hidden in plain sight", well the author is right, they are hiding in plain sight, They are embedded in every layer of government and are trying to steal the election so they can complete the takeover.

They are indoctrinating our children to their socialist agenda, they want white children to believe they are evil just for being white.

I could go on, but why, it's hidden right there in plain sight.
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