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Poll: the Plot of John Wick 6

Predict the plot of John Wick 6

  • JW goes back in time to prevent George Washington's assassination and kills 100s and 100s of Brits

  • JW goes back in time to the Battle of Thermopylae stopping millions of Persians from invading Greece

  • Zombies, enough said, but a lot scarier zombies than in Walking Dead

  • Crossover time travel movie where he fights against Lalo and Tuco Salamanca, Walter White, Gus Fring

  • Vampires, lots of them, but he has to ditch his guns in favor of a quiver of wooden stakes

  • Cannibals, he has to rescue Sandra Bullock from the deep jungle and 1,000s of cannibals

  • Crossover movie with Jack Reacher where he just shoots Reacher in the head [short film]

  • Nazis, JW goes back to 1945 Berlin and is the real reason Hitler died, so many dead Nazi bodyguards

  • JW goes back in time to the Cretaceous Period and fights TRex, Velociraptors and Dilophosaurus

  • JW personally decides to rid us of Putin, killing several 100s and 100s of Putin bodyguards first

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So John Wick 4 is making tons of money...