Ketch's 10 Thoughts From The Weekend (Very good isn't good enough)


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May 29, 2001
@Ketchum Ketch, why have you been critical of CDC? Not mad or anything but in all your collums I've never noticed anything being critical of chris?
I thought his handling of TEOT was terrible, right down to his students athletes across all sports being asked to answer questions from the media about it and him never having the guts to do so.


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Dec 9, 2020
B/S Bijan Robinson is a top 3 pick in the 2023 draft.

(Sell) The NFL just doesn't put enough value on the running back position to think that's definitely going to happen. I'd sell at Top 10 as well.

agree with ketch, the NFL is a passing league right now. the highest pick for a rb was 24 by the Steelers with Harris and i think a lot of that had to do with him being on Bama's title team. might be a bit overrated because of that.

look at the draft. before Harris at 24 there were 5 qb's, 4 wr's and 1 te drafted. right now the NFL values those positions more than running back. for Robinson to be a top 10 pick and especially top 3 he'd have to put together two monster seasons at UT and win the Heisman. he certainly has the potential but that's a tall order.

Rondale Moore is a bust, IMO. You heard it here first.

He's going to eat in that offense.

again going with ketch. Moore is perfect for slot wr with 4.33 speed. at 5'7" doesn't have the height for a true wr but AZ doesn't need him there especially with Fitzgerald at 6'3". say what you will about Kingsbury ultimately flaming out at Tech but offense wasn't the reason. Moore was Big 10 freshman of the week four times. Brohm at Purdue knows how to get slot guys open and so does Kingsbury.

anyone remember that Moore originally committed to Texas then backed out to go to Purdue? i think that had a lot to do with Brohm's hiring at Purdue who has his own track record as a offensive minded coach. and Moore is from Indiana so there's that too.

interesting that Colt McCoy landed with the Cards this off season. just the type of qb along with Murray that Kingsbury wants in his offense, accurate passer that knows this type of passing game and can make quick reads and get the ball out fast.

to this day i think Colt could have been a good NFL starter if he hadn't started out at Cleveland. anywhere but Cleveland. the Browns have been the qb killers of the NFL for forever it seems. perhaps Mayfield finally breaks that curse?